Dermal Fillers

Part of what makes a face attractive is its smooth, round contours and high cheekbones, beautifully defined lips and a soft and natural look. Over time, all of us lose facial volume through the decrease in collagen, elastin, hylaronic acid and fat in and under the skin. This soft tissue may also start to descend and droop due to the effects of gravity and the loosening of the facial ligaments that 'hold' the soft tissue together. Accumulation of the soft tissue in the lower face may form jowls and give the impression that the chin is widening. At CBD Skin Cancer Clinic we can help you reverse the effects of aging and create changes in facial shape, redefine lips and soften nasolabial folds with the use of dermal fillers. We only use approved dermal fillers that have been tried and trusted for many years. They contain a local anaesthetic to ensure that your comfort is not compromised whilst undergoing a dermal filler treatment at our clinic.

Give us a call to make an appointment with Dr Christoph Thelen today and we would be happy to discuss all of our treatment options with you personally.

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